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Actress Dodie Brown

By Melanie Moffett
In Features
Oct 28th, 2014


Q&A with Rayville Native and Actress Dodie Brown

by Jennifer Schmeer

Where were you born and raised?
Born and raised in Louisiana, which I will always consider my home. I was raised and graduated high school in Rayville. My husband, Alan and I met in 6th grade at Riverfield Academy, and in November we will celebrate 15 years of marriage.

What did you want to be as a young girl?
As a young girl, I didn’t have dreams of any particular occupation. I just wanted a family and to be a great mom.

Three words to describe yourself?
God-seeking, ambitious and caring.

How did you get started in acting?
I grew up being a part of the Richland Players Theatre group in Rayville. We performed mostly musicals like Oklahoma!, Annie Get Your Gun, Oliver and Lil Abner at the Richland Civic Center.

Your first principal role was in the film Stephen King’s The Mist. What was this experience like?
It was very exciting because my oldest daughter, Taylor, and I were cast as mother and daughter. It was a very educational experience not only about acting, but also about filmmaking. We worked with the talented director Frank Darabont (who also directed Shawshank Redemption and created the hit television show The Walking Dead). It was definitely a once-in-a lifetime experience for us that we will always cherish.

What is the latest tv show you’ve worked on?
American Horror Story: Freak Show. It’s a FOX television show that has been nominated for 34 Emmy awards. Matter of fact, the night of the 2014 Emmys, I was on-set working on AHS. Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates accepted Emmy’s for their performances the very day I was working on the show.

Do you have any films coming out soon?
Yes, The Town That Dreaded Sundown is set to be released in theaters on October 16th. This film is produced by Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum and is a remake of the 1976 horror film based on true events that happened in the small town of Texarkana. Also, White Rabbit is an independent film making its southern U.S. premiere at the New Orleans International Film Festival on Saturday, October 18th. It will have a theatrical release this winter.

If you could choose, which director, actor and actress would you like to work with?
I’m a huge fan of Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, because the characters they create have so much depth, while being so real. They are not only extremely talented actors, but some of the hardest working actors alive today. Also, to be directed by Steven Spielberg in one of his masterpieces would be validation like no other. The opportunity to work with any of these artists would be beyond my wildest dreams!

If you could star in your own television show, what would it be like?
I would love to work on a comedy or a variety show similar to The Carol Burnett Show. How awesome would it be to go to work each day and perform skits and play pranks while making people laugh?!

Would you say living in the South creates an obstacle when pursuing acting?
Obstacles can be found in anything and everywhere. As an actor, I have learned to appreciate obstacles and make the most of them (usually they make you a stronger person, too). I know God will present me with all the opportunities He wants me to have no matter where I lay my head at night.

What advice would you give southern hopefuls-to-be in acting?
My best advice would be to know and fully understand that this is usually a long process. It’s a development. Becoming an actor is like training for a sport. If someone wants to play soccer, for example, they would need to learn all the rules and understand all the ins and outs of the game. They would need to work constantly and train their body physically, also. Only if someone truly enjoys the game of soccer will they develop a passion for it, which will drive their success. Same goes for acting, and if you love it, don’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing it.

What is your preference in exercise and what does your diet consist of?
I love tennis! I began playing tennis in high school and currently play on a women’s league in Shreveport. I am married to a very health conscious physician, so I try to behave when it comes to providing a proper balanced diet for my family. However, I will admit that I have massive chocolate cravings and desperately desire caffeine and pizza.

What is something you can cook really well and will you share the recipe?
Prime rib and seasoned pretzels. Everyone always request the recipe when I share seasoned pretzels, so here it is:

Seasoned Pretzels:
1lb. bag of Tiny Twist brand pretzels
Marinade: 1 Cup canola oil; 2 tsp garlic powder; 2 tsp of lemon pepper; 2 tsp dill weed

Whisk together ingredients for marinade and pour over pretzels separated out on two large flat bottomed roasting pans. Stir well and marinade at least 30 minutes.
Bake at 250 degrees for 15 minutes (stirring well).
Pour out onto paper towels to drain. Cool and ENJOY!

How can someone best follow your career?
Please follow me on twitter @DodieBrownLA or you can visit my website where you are free to email me words of encouragement: http://www.DodieBrown.net