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Sep 19th, 2016


article by Erin Sharplin-Love

Often the mere mention of the word “organize” causes panic. “Get organized? But, I don’t even know where to begin!” On the other hand, there are people who are not daunted by the thought of being, getting and staying organized, but who, unfortunately, get derailed before they complete the job. What if there were some simple solution that could offer almost immediate gratification when it comes to organization? Luckily, some easy tasks that will make an immediate difference in the organization of your home and life do exist. Check them out below:

25 Tasks to Immediate Gratification

1. Make your bed every morning. Yep! Right when you crawl out of bed, take the three minutes it will take to remake your bed. Your room will feel cleaner and more organized immediately.

2. Change all of your hangers to matching hangers. I prefer clear, plastic hangers that you most often find in boutiques. You won’t believe how neat matching hangers will make your closet!

3. Toss any junk mail immediately upon retrieving it from the mailbox.

4. Unsubscribe from junk mail online and through mail-order catalogs.

5. Create and keep an ongoing “to do” list. If you are like me, you have too many things that need to get done running through your head at one time. Keeping an ongoing to-do list is imperative. I like to use a notebook that will fit into my purse easily, so it is always handy.

6. Create and keep a family calendar. I am not yet at the point where my kids have a lot of extracurricular activities (they are only three and twenty months), but I have friends and clients who do, and I always suggest maintaining a calendar that is posted in a high-traffic area of the home.

7. Keep a basket for donations in each closet. As you realize that something needs to be purged (doesn’t fit or you don’t like it anymore, etc.), place it inside the basket. When the basket is full, place it inside your car for donating at your earliest convenience.

8.  Keep all flat surfaces as clean as possible. Place baskets and bins on these spots for errant papers.

9. Clear the floor in all of your closets! Invest in a shoe rack or other organizing device, but keep everything from piling up on the floor!

10.Make it easier for your child to put his toys away by purchasing large bins and baskets that are easy to toss toys into. It may not be perfectly organized, but at least everything is corralled in one place and not strewn about.

11. Start washing socks in a mesh lingerie bag and you will never lose a sock again!

12. If you have only one long hanging rod in your closet, purchase a rod extender to increase storage and make use of vertical space.

13. Keep outdoor toys and other paraphernalia organized by creating a bin or basket especially for them. I like to use the ones that have holes in them, so any dirt or sand will sift through easily. Also, these bins can be cleaned easily.

14. Reuse plastic containers, like sour cream or butter containers, to store left overs. You can also hang on to glass containers, like the ones candles come in or pickles; remove the labels, paint the lids and then use the containers to store Q-tips or other such items.

15. Use the “filing” system for storing your t-shirts. In other words, stand your t-shirts up and place one in front of the other instead of stacking them. They will be easier to see and they will not be wrinkled.

16. If you are short on space, look to the backs of your doors for help. Purchase over-the-door organizers to store everything from jewelry to cleaning supplies to pet items.

17. Keep a tray next to the door for shoes. They will be contained and help keep dirt off the floor, too.

18. Get rid of any mismatched Tupperware containers and reorganize the space, so that the containers nest inside of each other. The tops will slide easily inside the drawer afterwards.

19. Cover your cords with fabric cord covers. This will make such a difference in the way your home looks!

20. Keep a tray or place hooks by the door that you most often use, so you can keep up with keys, sunglasses and other items you need as you walk out the door.

21. Store remote controls in a decorative box on your coffee table.

22. Get in the habit of putting items back in their storage spaces after each use.

23. Make a “cleaning caddy” that is easy to take room to room. It can be stored in one area instead of having cleaning products under every cabinet in every room.

24. Turn a tackle box into a storage bin for first-aid items, so everything is in one spot and easy to find in a moment’s notice.

25. And I saved my favorite tip for last! Pick out the next day’s outfit the night before! You will have a more pleasant morning, I promise!

Getting organized doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to start somewhere!