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Downtown Arts Alliance Dinner

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Scene
Jun 30th, 2015

Throughout the year, the volunteers and members of the Downtown Arts Alliance work tirelessly to foster an interest in the visual arts in the galleries in downtown Monroe and West Monroe. In recognition of those efforts, alliance patrons held a dinner to celebrate the accomplishments of the year.
Restaurant Cotton and Chef Cory Bahr hosted the dinner April 23, which also featured a talk by Matthew Cameron. Art Alley painter Ricky Sikes demonstrated the art of portrait painting featuring Gracie Putnam. In addition to the demonstrations, volunteers, artists, and patrons enjoyed fellowship and time to let their hair down.

Among those in attendance were some of the most popular Gallery Crawl artists, familiar faces from education and the business community, and more than a few art fans. It was a great way to say a thank you to the people who help make the Downtown Gallery Crawl a reality.