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Dress Up 2 Cure

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Scene
May 21st, 2014

Recently, Montessori of West Monroe held Dress Up 2 Cure – A Fundraiser with Girl Power 2 Cure in honor of Hannah Hooks.  In December, Hannah was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disorder that primarily affects girls.  It is the most severe form of Autism that takes away the girls’ ability to walk, talk and use their hands.  Research has proven that Rett Syndrome is reversible, which is why raising money for a cure is so extremely important.

Students, teachers and parents, along with local businesses raised a total of $2,200 for Rett Syndrome Research Trust in honor of Hannah. Local businesses that made donations for the event included Johnny’s Pizza, Spherion, Teresa’s Flooring, Dr. E. H. Baker, Counter Culture and First Presbyterian Church of Monroe.