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Full Moon Yoga at Nonna

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Scene
Aug 31st, 2015

In Denver, Colorado in 1995, Keith Villa, head brewmaster and founder of Blue Moon Brewing Company, first created his Belgian-Style Wheat Ale.  He believed that something so special only happens “once in a blue moon,” and so the name was born.
This year, on July 31st, the sky graced us with a rare and beautiful Blue Moon (the second full moon in a single calendar month), which happened to coincide with Blue Moon Brewing Company’s 20th anniversary.  Yogis and beer lovers alike gathered at Nonna to celebrate the celestial event.  After an hour long class led by Louisiana Yoga and Paddle, guests were treated to dessert and, of course, Blue Moon beer.  Participants also got a commemorative 20th Anniversary Blue Moon glass to take home.  Cheers and Namaste!