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Here Comes the Sun

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Home
Feb 25th, 2015


Celebrating the arrival of Spring is this mass arrangement featuring 130 tulips in hues of orange and red. Floral artist Nick McKinney reminds us that “it’s always about volume more than anything else when you are massing flowers. And it always takes more than you think!” To create this stunning floral design, Nick starts with a porcelain bowl perched on a gilt base. He adds several blocks of soaked Oasis (floral foam) to the bowl and thoughtfully begins placing tulips into the foam. (Secure Oasis to the bowl with floral tape if needed. Tulips, though delicate, in these numbers can get heavy.) The orange/red of the tulips is picked up in the graceful design of the bowl and in the painting behind the arrangement.