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Louisiana Craft Brewer’s Week

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Scene
Sep 28th, 2015

Local beer enthusiasts gathered at Tonore’s Wine Cellar Wednesday, September 16th to celebrate Louisiana Craft Brewer’s Week with Choice Brands and Louisiana’s own Abita Beer.  Founded in 1986, Abita Brewing Company is nestled in the piney woods thirty miles north of New Orleans and has since become Louisiana’s number one craft brewery.  Russell Kicey and George Tonore provided the perfect environment to mill around, enjoy some samples and talk beer.  Guests were treated to Chef Blake Phillips’ signature Seafood Cheesecake, courtesy of Restaurant Sage, to pair with the special cask, which was an unusual Lemon Wheat infused with crawfish boil spices.  It doesn’t get more Louisiana than that!  Choice Brands also had several other special brews on hand to taste.  Abita Pecan Harvest, Octoberfest, Wrought Iron IPA, Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Pecan and a rare Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Pale Ale were among the offerings.