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Organizing with Everyday Items – Southern Style

By Melanie Moffett
In Center Block
Feb 25th, 2015


article by Erin Sharplin Love

Being organized is on everyone’s wish list, but the expense that comes with purchasing organizing products never is!  So instead of wasting money on new items, why not use items that are already in your home?  It just takes a little imagination…

Let me serve up a little southern inspiration for you!

The Mason Jar – Of course, I had to start with this Southern mainstay! But, instead of filling your mason jar with sweet tea, try setting it on your desk, or in a craft room, and fill it with pens, pencils and markers!  I also love mason jars for holding makeup brushes, cotton balls and/or cotton swabs.  You can even paint and decorate your jars to match your décor.

Mint Julep Cups – If you don’t like the idea of organizing with mason jars, utilize those mint julep cups that are just taking up space in your cupboard instead!  They will add a bit of shine and interest to any space and can be filled with a myriad of items.  For instance, mint julep cups look great in a makeup room or bathroom!  You can use them to house your makeup pencils and brushes.  Or use them to display party favors and other paraphernalia, such as straws and stir sticks.

Wine Corks – Be sure to save all of those wine corks from your Landry Vineyard wine!  They will come in handy in your entryway, office and/or mudroom!  You can easily create a cork “strip” or cork board to display important invitations, school papers, and pictures.  My favorite tip for organizing with wine corks is to fill a small picture frame with corks, attach a card with a tack and use it to label items on a buffet table or on a bar!  Really, all you need is a vision and a hot glue gun!

Milk Vases – I love using milk vases as jewelry displays!  Cuff bracelets fit perfectly over the neck of the vase, for instance!  The smaller milk vases are great for hanging earrings – just be sure to use fishhook-style earrings!  You could also use milk vases to hold hair bows and ribbons!

Empty Candle Holders – The next time you burn the last bit of a candle, hold on to that jar!  With just a few adjustments, the holder can go from headed-to-the-trash-can to fit-for-display!  For instance, use your jars to hold pacifiers in your little girl’s room or to hold lipstick tubes and nail polish bottles!  They are even perfect for your office!  For instance, you can use one for paper clips and one for binder clips.

Teacups and Saucers – Teacups and saucers make great drawer organizers!  You can use them in a jewelry drawer, in your “junk” drawer, in your office and/or in your arts and crafts room.  Don’t worry if they don’t match!  That’s the fun of it!

In actuality, utilizing items that aren’t meant to be organizing products adds style and interest to the areas in which they are used.  And, nothing is more “southern” than mixing and matching items to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.  So what are you waiting for?  Take my inspiration and run with it!!  Happy Organizing!