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Pinterest How-To: St. Patty’s Day Door Hanger

By Melanie Moffett
In Blog
Mar 6th, 2017

Tutorial by Melanie Moffett | Photos by Martin G Meyers









Materials: Glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, a knife
(plastic will work!), a permanent marker, moss, a sheet of styrofoam or floral foam at least 12” wide, burlap ribbon and a shamrock print-out (DOWNLOAD HERE) Optional: wooden letter








Start by cutting  out your shamrock. I printed ours on a sheet of tabloid (11×17) paper and made it as big as I could.









Then,  trace your shamrock on to your styrofoam sheet.  It does not have to be perfect, your lines will be covered up when you’re done!









Using a knife, cut out your shamrock – again, it does not have to be perfect! This step can get messy… beware!








Using your hot glue gun, begin covering the top of your shamrock with the moss. You’ll work in small sections until the entire top is covered.








This step also gets quite messy! A vacuum may come in very handy. Make sure all of the styrofoam is covered and you have no holes that stand out.








Once the top is covered, you’ll then cover the edges by using the same technique, just smaller pieces of moss.








Cover all the sides, being especially careful around the stem of the shamrock. The narrow space to work can be tricky to maneuver!








When you’re finished, you’ll want to add the hanger. I simply used my hot glue to attach a piece of ribbon to the back. Make sure it is secure and holds well.








You did it! Wasn’t that easy?! Now your door will have some festive flair and you’ll be set for St. Patty’s day!








For an extra touch, we added some wooden letters to give it a little personality. These come in various sizes and fonts, so choose one that fits your style!









For this tutorial and more holiday how-to’s, visit our blog at www.bayoulife.com! Happy crafting!