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St. Fred’s Back-to-School Kick Off Party

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Scene
Sep 30th, 2016

The St. Frederick High School Alumni, Family and Friends group gathered at the bayou-side home of Angie and Bernard Sager for a Principal’s Reception featuring Principal Bob Webber and several notable speakers, including AF&F President Peggy Sullivan. The reception and silent auction took place in September at the beginning of the school year to raise funds for tuition assistance. In addition, the group honored one of its dearest members, Kay Shipp, who was among the first students to transfer mid-year from St. Matthews Catholic School to the “new” St. Frederick High School in January of 1965. Shipp was presented the Nancy Fritsche Award for her many years of service to St. Frederick by legendary Hall of Fame coach, Ray Gambino. Shipp, whose children are also graduates of St. Frederick High School, spoke passionately about the need to support this wonderful Catholic institution. Special guests for the evening were Bishop Duca and Sister Carol Shively.