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The Organized Bride

By Melanie Moffett
In AskErin
Jun 2nd, 2016


article by Erin Sharplin Love

Do you know that the average wedding takes approximately 240 hours to plan?  That is A LOT of time!  And, if you are like me, time is something that there is never enough of, so using it wisely is of the utmost importance.  That’s why a bride should be as organized as possible during the planning process.  After all, planning a wedding is quite a big task that can become overwhelming quickly.   If you want to complete the process free of stress and full of happiness, follow the guidelines in this article.  It is full of ideas on how to become an organized bride.

#1 – Start Planning As Soon As Possible!      Popular wedding venues book up early, so choosing a date and booking both the ceremony and reception venue should be the first two things you do, followed by booking a wedding coordinator, if you so choose.  The next item to check off your list should be booking the photographer and so on down the list of wedding vendors.

#2 – Begin Creating a Vision Board.  This vision board will become the most important piece of your  plan; it will help you make every decision that will arise during the planning process.  If you prefer a binder over a “board,” use that instead.  The vision board (binder) is the place that you will put everything wedding related.  Peruse Pinterest for décor you love, cakes that make your mouth water, dresses that make you swoon, and flowers that make you smile.  Once you’ve exhausted all media for ideas, take a step back and see what the common theme of your board is.  You should be able to set your wedding colors, theme, time of day and destination simply based on your vision board.

#3 – Create a Second Binder or Folder to House Everything Wedding Related.  When you make a wedding arrangement, you want to make sure you have everything that you may need in one central location.  You should put all contracts, menus, business cards, payment receipts, contact information, correspondence, etc. into this binder and have it with you at all times up until, and throughout, the wedding day.

#4 – Make “To Do” Lists!  There are so many details that go into planning a wedding, so to-do lists are mandatory to keep you sane and in control.  Speaking of lists, one of the first lists that you need to make is the guest list!  I cannot emphasize enough how long it takes to get a completed guest list that has correct, full-name spellings and correct addresses.  It is one of the most daunting tasks in the wedding planning process and many of my clients underestimate the amount of time and attention it takes.

#5 – Create a Budget Spreadsheet.  Once you have set your budget, an excel spreadsheet is mandatory if you want to stay on track.  Wedding expenses can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t pay close attention.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly things add up!  Plus, you will be able to keep up with deposits paid and when final payments are due with one quick glance at the spreadsheet.  No surprises!

With a little organization, those 240 wedding planning hours will fly by, and you will be able to enjoy your wedding day stress free!  You will be a beautiful bride.

Love, Erin