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ULM Lyceum Series

By Melanie Moffett
In Bayou Scene
Apr 28th, 2015

A packed auditorium at ULM anxiously awaited the moment when George Takei beamed into the podium, the latest in the ULM Presidential Lyceum Series of speakers. The Star Trek star and social media phenomenon joined the list of previous Lyceum speakers, which includes Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ben and Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Dan Rather.

During the talk, Takei discussed his life, including his time in a World War II internment camp in southeastern Arkansas, a time he’s memorialized in a new play headed to Broadway. He also discussed his struggles in Hollywood as a gay man during the 1970s and 80s. Prior to the speech, Takei and his husband, Brad, were the guests of honor at a patrons’ reception in the ULM Library Conference Center.

Fans and patrons alike mobbed Takei and Brad at the door, requesting autographs and hoping to spend a moment with the television icon and his spouse. As Takei made his way across the room, he paused countless times to graciously sign autographs, visit with supporters, and share a laugh or two.